That’s exactly what the product series Notiz for Lundqvist Inredningar is about – clear, efficient and functional exposure that captures the eye’s interest.

Notiz is a display system that stores – magazines, books, newspapers and brochures of various sizes and thicknesses – in a visually attractive way. V-shaped compartments, which resemble the shape of an envelope, offer efficient storage that also visualizes its content. Material strapped behind elastic threads, that runs in a zigzag pattern, gets the clearest possible exposure. Both the V-shape and the diagonal direction of the thread ensure that all types of printed matter do not fold or fall forward.

In addition to storage, Notiz also features functions such as magnetic glass writing boards, pinboards, mirrors and an office post/message shelf.

The system is wall mounted or free-standing and available in a variety of combinations and sizes, that function both as single units or combined into systems with multiple modules.

Discover new compositions by turning and twisting, and make Notiz match every different interior project by your own use of colors and selection of materials.

Get notized!

Design: Andreas Klippinge