What we do

Lundqvist Inredningar designs and produces efficient and flexible storage solutions of high quality for archives, warehouses, offices, shops and private homes.

Lundqvist is a privately owned company with sales offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö. We have two factories, in Gnesta and Rydaholm, different expressions but with equally good function and quality. Today, the A4 +, Klassika and Waste product series are manufactured in our factory in Rydaholm, Småland. The production of Lundia wood is located in Gnesta.

Thanks to our own factories and a broad collaboration with subcontractors, we have a great ability to make customized solutions – special adaptations are our standard!


For several years now, we have been proud framework agreement suppliers to Kammarkollegiet and SKL Kommentus. We work with all established furniture retailers in the Nordics, contact your local supplier to place your order, or talk to your nearest Lundqvist office for a direct order!

iab inredningar AB

iab inredningar has been part of Lundqvist Group since 2009. iab is one of Sweden’s leading suppliers of interior design to the public environment. With extensive experience with both breadth and depth iab has for a long time accumulated knowledge and expertise, among other things. in the areas of: laboratory furnishings, care and nursing furnishings, furnishings in educational environments and furnishing solutions for specially adapted housing.


Lundqvist Snickeri was started in 1939 by the innovative carpenter, Harald Lundqvist. Nine years after the start, the company receives a patent for Lundiahyllan, Lundia Trä. The construction is based on angle iron at the ends of the shelves and the so-called the self-voltage principle. Success is immediate. Lundia Trä is still the backbone of the business, even though many other products and accessories have been added over the years.

As early as the 1940s, the bookshelf series Klassika was constructed – the first series-produced bookshelf for homes and offices. Lundqvist’s first carpentry was located at Brunkebergstorg in Stockholm, which at that time was the site of many crafts. The carpentry remained until the beginning of the 60’s when the excavators had to be sacrificed in the redevelopment of the Klarakvarteren.

The carpentry shop in Gnesta was established for the production of Lundia Trä in 1952. The factory remains in our possession for the production of the Lundia Trä product series. The machine park is modern and production runs in two fully automatic production lines. The rapid expansion in the 1950s does not prevent Lundqvist from continuing to be innovative. Sealing gasket, shelves on rails, introduced in 1959. During the 80s, the production of Lundia Steel also began as a complement to Lundia Wood. A4 +, a storage system based on the standard A4 format and tailor-made for offices, was introduced in 1998. This is also great news and once again Lundqvist claims to be an innovator in the way of constructing shelves.

Testing in Gnesta, a shelf holds 14 men.

2003 Lundqvist’s operations were acquired by our current owners, Christian Gustafsson and Henrik Due.

2005 Lundqvist acquires the plan furniture manufacturer Rosendals Möbler, which has long been a subcontractor for the A4 + storage system

In 2008, Lundqvist really took the step into the world of recyling by launching the Waste product range, which consists of several different models with recycling modules.

A lot has happened with Lundqvist since the start, but the basis has always been the same. Quality and tradition!