A4+ Personal storage

As activity-based offices become more common, it places higher demands on personal storage. We adapt the cabinets based on the customer’s wishes and needs! Dimensions, materials, furnishings, type of lock you choose yourself in consultation with us. We have several different lock options, such as key lock, code lock, or RFID.

If you prefer a standard solution with ready-made dimensions, there are A4+ private compartments in 2 standard variants: with 3 or 5 compartments.

Contact us, and we will find a solution together!

If you are interested in more personal storage, discover our new system, Flex!

19 mm particle board

Standard is white laminate with matching ABS edging

Height (mm) 1894
Width (mm) 310
Depth (mm) 380

For other measurements, contact us, we will help you!


NCS S 0500 N Standard

-10 White laminate

2. Valfri NCS kulor

High pressure laminate

Other laminate

Lundqvist Inredningar björkfanér

-40 Birch laminate

Lundqvist Inredningar bokfanér

-20 Beech laminate

Lundqvist Inredningar ekfanér

-80 Oak laminate

Fanér 0.8 mm

Lundqvist Inredningar askfanér

-90 Ash veneer
White pigmented

Lundqvist Inredningar björkfanér

-60 Birch veneer

Lundqvist Inredningar bokfanér

-50 Beech veneer

Lundqvist Inredningar ekfanér

-70 Oak veneer

Wet coating

NCS S 0500 N Standard


2. Valfri NCS kulor

Other colour