When ordering furnishings directly from us, we always offer installation as an option. Our fitters have extensive experience of furniture assembly and archive installation. When purchasing archives, we strongly recommend using Lundqvist’s fitters as far as possible to ensure that installation takes place in a satisfactory manner and that your compact system works maintenance-free for many, many years to come.

We also offer

Move of archives. Are you going to change location and are considering buying a new compact archive for the new address? It pays off to first contact us to assess your existing furnishings. A Lundqvist archive has a very long lifespan, and can withstand both one and two moves! We offer dismantling, moving and mounting at the new address. If it is an older system, we also have some opportunity to supplement or replace things that are dated. Maybe just supplementing with decor fronts and your old faithful servants will be as good as new – both climate-friendly and kind to your wallet! Contact your nearest Lundqvist office for a review of your archive.

Service. We also service archives that need to be reviewed. Contact us to book the service matter and one of our skilled fitters will review the problem and come up with a solution!


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