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Project - Pantbanken - Flexible mobile archive simplifies Pantbanken's storage

Lundqvist Inredningar 2018-02-26-3901

Last year, Lundqvist Inredningar was entrusted with delivering a mobile archive to the new Pantbanken Sverige in Farsta. The challenge was to get a decor that accommodates many objects in a small area. It was solved with the help of the mobile archive Lundia Wood, the dream for those who have a lot to store.

– The difficulty with starting up a new office from scratch is that you never know how fast the store will expand, says Staffan Berg, office manager at Pantbanken in Farsta.

For Pantbanken Sverige, it is important to have a warehouse that they feel they can grow in, and in the future not have to think about new overheads and solutions for expanding. With the help of the new roller bearing from Lundqvist Inredningar, they are easy to store both large and small objects and especially appreciate that the shelves are adapted to their specific needs.

– We have received a stylish product that makes everyday life easier for us at Pantbanken in Farsta, says Staffan Berg.

Lundqvist Inredningar 2018 02 26 3892
Lundqvist Inredningar 2018 02 26 3854

Lundqvist Inredningar has previously delivered solutions to Pantbanken’s branch concept, both on Södermalm and in Solna. The interior designer Fredrik Thorsson is behind the design in the three stores. He works with both public and private environments and has worked with Pantbanken Sverige for many years, both in Sweden and in Finland. Fredrik Thorsson has chosen to use Lundqvist Inredningar because they have a flexible warehouse product and offer many different solutions depending on the conditions for the premises’ surface.

– Lundqvist does everything from drafts and drawings to delivery and assembly. It’s nice for me as an interior designer to have a supplier who has that full service, says Fredrik Thorsson.

His biggest challenges usually lie in using storage space in the best way and at the same time creating as good a working environment as possible for those who work there. In this case, it was also about the archive having to be secure and user-friendly.

– The collaboration with Lundqvist has always been good. I know I can outsource jobs and they deliver all the way. It is safe to have them as a supplier, concludes Fredrik Thorsson.

About Pantbanken

Pantbanken Sverige is Sweden’s largest pawnshop company. Pantbanken has existed since 1866 and currently has 21 offices in Sweden.