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Project - Netlight Consulting - Custom-designed storage


In November 2021, the IT company Netlight Consulting moved into its new office premises in Helsinki. They wanted storage for the staff’s outerwear and other personal accessories they needed to hand in during work. As Netlight Consulting is a consulting company where most employees work in hybrid form, non-personal cabinets without locks were appropriate. At the same time, you should quickly see if the cabinets were available for use.

The architectural firm Codesign took on the project and designed, together with Lundqvist Inredningar, custom-designed Flex modules and wardrobe storage. The result was three modules in a modern, pink shade, surrounded by white-pigmented ash veneer with matching wardrobe rods. The narrow holes in the cabinet doors function both as handles and show which cabinets are available. The module in the middle of the room also has seats where you can change shoes comfortably.

The interior was delivered by Input interior, and the result was a successful collaboration with a spectacular storage solution.

IMG 2372
IMG 2376

About Netlight Consulting

Netlight Consulting is a consulting company that helps companies with their digital development. From web and system development to interaction design. The company operates throughout Europe with offices in Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, and Zurich.